WareHouse Management

Warehouse management is the control of the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, such as the shipping, receiving, put-away and picking of goods.


By attending Warehouse Management coaching course, Participants can learn

Understanding the functions of recent warehouse.

Assessing the placement of the warehouse before raising it moving to a replacement one.

Calculating numerouspricesrelated to the warehouse.

Managing the warehouse house scientifically.

Measuring the performance of their warehouse.

Housekeeping of the warehouse.



Who can join? 

A Student, a Working Professional or an Entrepreneur, any aspirant keen on learning digital marketing can join the course. At Anshuk Technology, vijaynagar , we have 6 sub-divisions under digital marketing course. Any type between the 6 can be chosen as per the requirement.

Use Of This Program 

Inbound processes: things have to be compelled to be checked and logged as they’re received and place away within the correct bins, or packed for dispatch while not more storage (this is understood as cross-docking).

Warehouse layout and slotting: fast-paced things have to be compelled to be close to the front, things that square measure typically bought along have to be compelled to be getting ready to one another, things that square measure simply mistaken for every alternative ought to be separated.

Picking: it should be simple for your pickers to search out things, and their journey time between things and between orders ought to be minimised.
Packing: your orders should be packed within the right packaging, complete with associate degree correct contents slip and supplemental to a delivery manifest for dispatch.

Shipping: the proper orders should air the proper vehicle at the proper time, with the proper delivery manifest.

Managing returns: came product have to be compelled to be unloaded before the vehicle is offered for loading once more – these product then have to be compelled to be checked off against the first order and therefore the info logged against your customer’s account.

OutPut Of This Program  :

Reduce picking errors: picking errors are costly at any stage of the process – if they are spotted before dispatch, there are the labour costs of re-picking. If incorrect items are shipped to the customer, not only is it expensive to accept the return and process the replacement, but there is the hidden cost of damage to the customer relationship.

Optimise stock control: there must be a balance between having stock available for customers, and tying up too much capital.

Maximise use of space: the right proportion of floor storage, vertical storage, racks and pallets for your warehouse will depend on the types of good stored and the patterns of distribution.

Improve worker productivity: your workforce is likely to be your biggest cost. How much would you save if you improved productivity by 5%? Or by 10%?


Most frequent questions and answers

You will need to be able to demonstrate a wide variety of skills including a good business sense, financial management, a flair for communication and negotiation, an understanding of the global market place, creativity and innovation.

In today’s strategic procurement environment, the most successful individuals combine traditional purchasing skills with good relationship management skills – listening, understanding, communicating and empathy.

Traditional procurement skills, such as financial management, contract management, cost reduction and basic negotiation will always be fundamental to the procurement process.

The current relationship between partners (suppliers) is relatively equal in terms of the relationship. The buyer and supplier work together right from the start of the relationship to share information, training, support, technical input and ideas in order to reduce the total overall cost.  At the same time the buyer also needs to work closely with internal customers to ensure their needs are met and to gain their buy-in to the process.

As a buyer you’re in an extremely powerful position. But because buyers often operate behind the scenes, many people aren’t aware of procurement and supply as a career choice. Top buyers are in huge demand around the world and can achieve extremely high positions within companies. Whether it’s sourcing goods from local suppliers or running global supply chains, buying essential services and resources at the right price, particularly in today’s challenging economic environment, can make or break a business.

“I joined my company as a graduate trainee thinking I quite liked marketing. However, after 6 months in procurement I realized this was the hub of the company where making the right decision and negotiating the best deal really mattered. Every day is different with exciting challenges round every corner

* No. Anshuk Technology shall start training from basics without any assumption of previous knowledge.

Graduate Students  and working professionals can join this course.

Yes. Every interested candidate can attend One Demo Classes from the date of commencement of the course.

 Mock Interviews are a simulation of actual placement interviews to assist students for better preparation.

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