Supply Chain Management Certification and Workshop


  • This program helps you move into mid or senior management roles in Logistics and related industries.
  • Move from other industries to the ever-growing Logistics industry
  • Explore opportunities in prominent FMCG, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce and other top firms for high paying jobs.
  • Work across multiple domain functions like Network Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Process Management and Vendor Development.
  • Certificate in Supply Chain Management would help gain relevant skills to handle logistics operations.


Who can join? 

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A Student, a Working Professional or an Entrepreneur, any aspirant keen on learning digital marketing can join the course. At Anshuk Technology, vijaynagar , we have 6 sub-divisions under digital marketing course. Any type between the 6 can be chosen as per the requirement.

Advantages of Joining This Workshop-

• Master the main objectives of a successful supply chain manager
• Learn how to develop a more effective supply chain to improve profitability
• Foster an understanding of supply chain management’s major challenges and trends
• Learn how to use logistics when you’re making decisions
• Become comfortable with the main supply chain manager systems for proper implementation